Coworkingplace in San Francisco: Runway

Mostafa Akbari showed me his workplace in San Francisco, the Runway. Located in the heart of San Francisco, Runway is a community of entrepreneurs, influencers, and hustlers. Twitters headquarter is in the same building, so I got a permission to visit by the security staff.

I am very impressed with the bundle of space and services. It is a beautiful and modern office suite, with videoconferencing capabilities, many meeting rooms, flexible office space and a convenient lounge. Open, charming, just the right mix of focused and lively, it’s not your typical ‚be glad you have a desk‘ coworking. The layout is extremely modern and the location is convenient. The amount of open space is incredible. The designer is a master of indirect lightning– the room is both bright and non-glaring. Private call rooms are available and almost always free.

The German Accelerator has hired several tables in the Runway. Here I meet Mostafa Akbari. In the following presentation you can discover for yourself the runway in a 360 ° area.

Screenshot 2015-05-19 18.19.07

Holobuilder-Runway: klick on the image


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